blog touring 2014…

Here is Judy Kleinberg’s response! What a great writer.

chocolate is a verb

Welcome to the 2014 Blog Tour. You may have been a stop on the tour yourself, or perhaps you’ve toured elsewhere in this or previous years. At any rate, the idea is that someone ‘tags’ you, you answer some questions and post your replies, then you get to tag two more people.

Tina BielloI am honored to have been tagged by the wonderful poet Tina Biello, whose book In the Bone Cracks of the Walls was published in May by Leaf Press and whose book A Housecoat Remains is forthcoming from Guernica Editions in Fall 2015. A poet, playwright, actor and mask performer, Tina writes poems that are both animated and profound, infused with personal reflection, humor and rich metaphor. You can read Tina’s blog tour responses here. “I am wounded by wind. It is all language can reach.” (from Puja, by Tina Biello, in Vanishing into the…

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